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Paid Online Surveys at $75-$150 in Australia? Really?

The truth is that Australians do not make as much money as American residents filling out online surveys and the promise of $75 to $150 per hour consistently is a gross exaggeration for any country. Subscribe to my free newsletter and get the 16 page free report: "The Truth About Paid Online Surveys". It includes:

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Free paid survey list for Australians living in Australia

Paid online surveys are the easiest way to make money without any out of pocket investment. It is not "something for nothing" because you will need to invest time to complete the online surveys. However its is fun with rewards like dollars, gifts, vouchers or prizes. And it is an ideal work from home option as there is some flexibility as to when you fill out the market research surveys. Paid Surveys list for Australia .

Why do Australians get paid for online surveys?

Market researchers want your opinion as a consumer simply because the better they understand their target market, the more effectively they can advertise their products and services and consequently the more money they can make. They are thus willing to pay for your opinion.

What is an paid survey scam?

Sadly online survey scams do exist and their are commonly two types: those that scam your email address and those that never pay up. Read how to avoid these and more at Avoiding online survey scams.

What to expect when you apply to be a paid survey panelist?

On joining up you will be asked some personal and general details. Reputable online market research websites will never pass on identifying information like your name, exact address or phone number to advertisers or companies who want to survey you without first getting your permission. Then you will get an email asking to confirm your email address (see the Seven Hot Paid Survey tips to ensure the email gets to you). Once you have signed up with a market research companies you can expect to receive surveys within a couple of days. A survey looks something like this paid survey example.

Okay, okay, I want to try it out..

Read my report "The Truth About Paid Online Surveys", install the freebie form filling tool, use the protective measures I recommend - and use what is the most comprehensive list of Free Paid Surveys for Australian residents and start enrolling. Good Luck!

Oh, and it would be great if you let me know how you go - or if you discover sites that need to be on the Australian Paid Surveys List by contacting me.

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