Free paid surveys Australia

Paid Survey Example

The following is a typical online survey example.

Step 1 - Email from the Survey company (example only)

Note how they tell me upfront what the survey time to complete is, as well as what I can expect as a reward. After clicking on "Start the survey now" the following appears in your browser:

Step 2 - Welcome message from market research company undertaking the survey (example only)

In this step good researchers will assure me of confidentiality and issue some instructions on how to complete the online survey

Step 3 - Now a series of questions to see if I qualify to take this survey (example only)

These could include asking for my age, income, the area I live in, etc


Step 4 - The actual online survey (example only)

If I get through step 3 then I have qualified - sometimes they pre qualify you using the information in your profile. I can't actually show the questions asked as I might breach copyright. For example it could a series of questions like:

Do you recognise these soap brands? (followed by a list of soap brands)

Step 5 - The thankyou for survey participation (example only)

This would read something like this:

Thanks for participating in our survey. Your account has been credited with $5

Okay, its that easy. Now give it a go.